Noteworthy excerpts

Key Takeaways

Following are some important takeaway points presented in the book:

The New Marxism:

  1. Black Americans and Dalits have been made to unite and the war against White Americans has expanded to target Brahmins. Caste is now considered the mother of all racism against Black Americans and other victim groups worldwide. Upper caste Indians are the Whites of India
  2. The ultimate goal of this new movement is to dismantle the present world order and the institutions that support it. But they have no clear path toward a new viable world system, nor the prerequisite experience in managing such a dangerous transformation.
  3. Our concern is that after Critical Race Theory is used as the wrecking ball to dismantle society, the reconstruction of a new social order will be done by those who control the new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our earlier book, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power: 5 Battlegrounds, explains how AI is controlled by a new breed of elites. Its trajectory is leading towards an extreme concentration of power and wealth reminiscent of the East India Company.

Harvard University’s Central Role:

  1. Our research suggests that Harvard University is the epicenter for developing this discourse and weaponizing it into activism, as well as training thousands of fighters in this new warfare. Harvard has developed its own sangha (community) with a vast network of shakhas (branches).
  2. Indian billionaires are supporting this Breaking India work at Harvard by actively funding it and giving it legitimacy, knowingly or unknowingly.
  3. A plausible explanation is that such funding helps the ratings of the donors in the new system called ESG which determines their access to international investments and commercial contracts. Funding Harvard also gives them seats on prestigious boards and committees. It is one of the most profitable investments they could make, classified as philanthropy.
  4. Contrary to Indians’ self-congratulatory notion that India is vishwa guru (guru to the world), in reality it is Harvard that is the vishwa guru. And India is vishwa shishya (student),with many of its people serving as vishwa coolie(laborer), and vishwa sepoy (soldier)in this ecosystem.

Response From Other Countries:

  1. Many Americans are fighting against Critical Race Theory and its pop culture form, Wokeism. But they are unaware that this problem also inflicts India, and in a far worse way.
  2. Some countries have launched campaigns against the movement, including China, France, Japan, Israel, Singapore, and so on.
  3. China is playing a double role: opposing this ideology at home but helping those who bring it to its enemies like the US and India.

Impact on the Vedic System:

  1. Critical Race Theory is being applied to dismantle the Vedic narrative using the argument that all social problems confronting India today including caste, gender, sexuality, human rights, social justice, are the result of Vedic structures. Therefore, the demand is that we should not allow the Vedic structures to survive because we will fail to solve the social crises we face. This calls upon social justice advocates to completely dismantle the foundations of Indian civilization.
  2. We respond that rather than being the root cause of the problem, the Vedic system holds the key to many solutions needed by humanity to survive. Ironically, Harvard is busy digesting the treasures of the Vedic system – such as the history of Indian science and technology, the science of yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, metaphysics, and alignment with nature – and turning these digested versions into its own intellectual property and that of the West. We approached Indian billionaires for such projects, but they have not supported them. Chapter7 discusses many examples of specific digestions by Harvard that we brought to their attention in the past quarter century but to no avail.

India’s Self-destruction:

  1. India’s ruling elites and so-called ‘intellectuals’ are largely ignorant and staggered about all this. Hence, their energies are being misdirected, scattered, and often counter-productive.
  2. The Indian government is also committing itself to this latest form of Marxist revolution, knowingly or unwittingly.
  3. A large number of Indians are employed by the Global Left at all levels, from the highest to the lowest. They are a key part of this latest incarnation of the Marxistr evolution. The Global Left operates across national boundaries.

‘Woke’ is the popular equivalent for the more academic term Critical Race Theory. Woke started in the Black American community as a means of spreading awareness and meant being woken up to the social realities. While we believe Wokeism has succeeded in waking people up in positive ways, its further success requires it to become open-minded, which means welcoming debates. …

Snakes in the Ganga
is a metaphor for some foreign institutions that are mapping ideas of Wokeism to India, thereby undermining India’s ancient civilizational fabric. This book intends to inform Indians who might be supporting such work, often unintentionally, without an in depth understanding of the end game of these projects. It is the result of years of interaction the authors have had with foreign institutions that have oftentimes tried to muffle debate on opposing views. The book does not intend to vilify the sponsors of such institutions. It is purely an honest exercise to invite healthy academic debate on intellectual issues. It is a critique of scholars’ works, not on their personalities or the owners/sponsors of the institutions where they work.

We hope this book opens the door for such conversations and we invite serious thinkers from all positions to argue with our views and debate us with mutual respect.