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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a researcher looking to collaborate with Rajiv on his prospective works, and I think I can be of immense help to his unfinished projects. What should I do?

Please write to Rajiv using the form or contact information above and provide details of all your academic qualifications, papers produced and collaborated on, expression of interest (including what motivates you to collaborate on research with Rajiv) and financial expectations.

How to Join Infinity Foundation?

You can reach out to us at mentioning your skills that can help the foundation's mission statement.

Can you start membership on your Youtube Channel?

For now, the only way to help us financially is by donating. You can donate to Infinity Foundation here

How to reach out to Rajiv Malhotra?

Due to his busy schedule, it may not be possible to reach out to Rajiv Malhotra directly. You can however reach out to the Infinity Foundation team at

Where can I pre-order/ order any new book by Rajiv Malhotra? What will be its cost? Will it be available in the USA or Europe?

You can find all information about released and upcoming books here

Where can I send my requests/suggestions?

You can reach out to