Noteworthy excerpts

Story 4: Breaking India by the New Elites

Critical Race Theory is having a global impact emanating from the US, and many countries have responded to it indifferent ways. France, Japan, Israel, and Singapore are examples of countries allied with the US that have reacted adversely to the way CRT threatens them. Russia and China have opposed it in strong ways as well, but that is to be expected.

Our concern is that India is likely to face more devastation than any other major country because its fragmented society is ideally suited for the disruptions that Critical Race Theory advocates. Also, India has an existing ecosystem of intellectual workers already participating in developing CRT in places like Harvard as well as helping it train an army of activistsin India. Many Indians in high places welcome such interventions from the US, out of ignorance or personal opportunity.

Readers will be shocked to learn that Omidyar Network, owned by the US-based Iranian billionaire, Pierre Omidyar, has established an elaborate network of investments across India that we believe pose a serious risk to India’s sovereignty. This is evident in its ideological tilt towards CRT-driven projects. Its sophisticated public relations machinery has convinced Indians at highest levels that it is engaged in philanthropy and development. This is true, but the whole truth is far more complex and kept hidden. An entire chapter is devoted to Omidyar Network India.

The book, Breaking India, written over a decade back, discusses similar forces prevalent at that time. But the ground has shifted dramatically since then. There are now completely new players with different technologies and approaches to dismantle India’s sovereignty.

The new threats, which we refer to as Breaking India forces2.0, are based on Critical Race Theory which is radically different to the old Leftist ideologies. The new focus is not on poor, illiterate villagers in trying to convert them, but rather, on urban elites. The goal now is to establish a new generation of leaders across Indian society groomed by Harvard and others as part of its global network of influence. The Harvard name and its sophisticated approaches are powerful to get in the door.

The following table compares how the forces described in this book differ from the ones exposed earlier.